Android 13 is out now but Samsung Galaxy users have to wait for a bit

If you own a Google Pixel smartphone then you’re in luck. Google has officially released the Android 13 update today. The update arrives earlier than usual as last year, Google released Android 12 in October.

For those of us who own Samsung devices, the wait continues. It’s going to take some time before we’ll see the official Android 13 release for Galaxy devices.

It has only been a couple of weeks since Samsung launched its One UI 5.0 beta program. One UI 5.0 is the latest iteration of the company’s custom Android skin. It’s based on Android 13. You can join the beta program today to take it for a spin.

There are several new Android 13 features that you’ll find integrated in One UI 5.0 as well. For example, the ability to set different languages for different apps is an Android 13 feature, and so is support for Bluetooth Low Energy for improved sound quality. Samsung also has a whole host of new One UI 5.0 features that are exclusive to its devices.

Given that the beta program has only just been launched, it’s going to take several weeks at the very least before Samsung releases Android 13 to the public. Previous reports have suggested that the company is aiming for an October 2022 launch. That all depends on how smoothly the beta program proceeds.

The entire reason Samsung launches a beta program is to weed out any bugs in the software before it’s released to the public. The beta firmware is currently available for the Galaxy S22 series only. It’s only a matter of time before other eligible devices get it as well.

Expect there to be multiple beta releases before the final version. Given Samsung’s recent pace with sending out updates quickly, we may not have to wait too long for the update to arrive.