Apple gaining more and more customers in India

  • February 19, 2023

A few years back, buying an iPhone in India was kind of a big deal, nowadays you’ll find a lot more iPhones near you with your friends, your relatives, and your family. iPhones are just way more popular these days. And the data tells you the same thing. Apple has been recording all-time high iPhone sales in India.

Apple sold 2 million iPhones during the holiday season in India last year. Their market share in India has been growing rapidly. Apple is the leading smartphone maker in the premium smartphone segment. Look up the biggest reason behind this are the big discounts. I mean, India is a price-sensitive market and if you give Indians iPhones at more affordable prices, it’s obviously going to sell like hotcakes. You know what, let me just show you all the deal prices of iPhones in India.

You can get the iPhone 11 and even iPhone 12 mini for under Rs40,000. iPhone 12 is around 40k, which is kind of insane.

You can get the iPhone 13 for under 50,000 or at around 50K. The iPhone 14 was recently available under 70K and so was iPhone 14 plus. Then there are the last year’s Pro models available below 1lakh and then they are the latest iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

So anyone looking to buy a new phone over 30K has an iPhone option and the older iPhones be the iPhone twelve or the iPhone 13 are just very good phones, especially for the deal prices. I mean, you also need to consider iPhone’s long software update promise and the flagship specs and premium features.

So I just want to ask you guys, how many of you have gotten an iPhone during these deals and sales and at what price did you get it at comment down below…

Apple India
iPhone 14 Series

See, in the past, iPhones were only available for people who could spend flagship-level money. But now a lot more iPhones are more accessible at lower prices. That’s the reason iPhones are great alternatives to Android smartphones in India. Another thing complementing the iPhones is the very good resale value.

The resale prices of the iPhone 13 models and the iPhone twelve models as per Cashify and it’s really good.

The iPhone 13 Pro’s resale is valued at around Rs70,000.

The iPhone 12 Pro’s resale value is around Rs53,000.

Now imagine you bought the iPhone 13 last year during the September sales season for around 50K and right now you can still get Rs45,000 for it. That’s really, really good, same with the iPhone twelve, last year it was available for 40k during the sale season and you can get 35k for it right now if you sell it. And if it’s obviously in great condition overall, this is just really good. This is the reason why people keep their iPhones with a lot of care.

Now, if I compare the resale value versus the Samsung flagship devices you can hardly get the 50% of the value of the actual retail price

Apple is focusing a lot more on India, looking that India is the biggest smartphone market in the world, and Apple knows that. And that’s the reason Apple is trying to make more and more iPhones here in India. I mean, Apple’s iPhone exports from India hit $1 billion in December 2022, and their reports of multiple new iPhone manufacturing plants being set up. Also, at the end of 2026, Apple plans to manufacture 25% of all its iPhones in India. This should result in even better prices of iPhones in India.

iPhone prices in India are getting better because, after all the issues Apple has had with China, India is kind of becoming the key to iPhone production. So maybe in the future, even the pro models will be manufactured here in India, and hopefully, they’ll be priced better.

So, you know what? Overall, if you look at everything, if you connect the dots, Apple has a premium smartphone in the iPhone. There are good deals adding more value to these phones, better resale value than the competition, and lastly, they are being manufactured in India. All of this combined makes Apple successful in India.

So, I have a question for you guys. Have you guys thought of switching to an iPhone in recent times? let me know in the comments…