Apple has officially released iOS 15.5 to the public

Apple has officially released iOS 15.5 to the public. This isn’t a game-changing update, but it does introduce a suite of small, but useful tweaks that seem to lay the foundation for larger changes in the future. ⁠⁠

If you want to know what Apple’s planning to show off at WWDC and beyond, iOS 15.5 might offer some clues. According to the developer build, we saw last week, payments are front and center — with Apple Pay Cash receiving new “Send” and “Request” buttons that make paying from your Apple Cash card a little easier. iTunes Pass funds will now be displayed as an Apple Account Card, seemingly designed as an easier way to manage your account balance.⁠⁠

Hoping for something a little more exciting?

You won’t have to wait long: Apple is expected to show a lot more about the next major update, iOS 16, at WWDC next month.⁠