Asus Zenfone 9 looks and specs out before the launch

Asus is back with the Zenfone series and this year it’s the same with a compact design and powerful performanceā€¦
Yep I’m talking about the Zenfone 9 which just has a 5.99-inch display. (that’s small in 2022, just to compare iPhone 13 mini has 5.4-inch display) So Asus is again planing a compact device with a powerful processor, aaaa Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 to be considered. And yes there will be a Pro variant for those who love big šŸ˜‰

So Zenfone 8 was a good compact device with a powerful processor packed, and Asus had done a great job managing the thermals on the device. Actually the motherboard was a stack-over, which means half motherboard stacked over each-other great use of the space. Now what surprises me is that they also included a headphone jack, for your view some manufacturers complain how there no space in a full 7-inch smartphone, I guess Asus has done a great job thenā€¦
Now all these specs mentioned in the post are legit as the official video has been leaked and guess where it was leaked? Weibo! The usual placeā€¦

Asus Zenfone 9 packs in Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor which is impressive on the performance as we have seen on the latest devices. The display on the Zenfone 9 is FHD+ 5.9-inch 120hz Samsung Amoled so no problems with that I guess. And yes it’s gorrila glass protected.
The cameras on the devices are huge upgrade over the past with 50mp IMX 766 as main sensor with Gimbal for stable videos and more accurate pictures, this might also improve the night mode shots. And the second sensor will be ultra wide lens I guess it’s 48mp, cause it’s trendy! The front camera details aren’t out yet but 16mp or 32mp is expected.

The fingerprint sensor is moved to the side, no complain as I’m not a great fan of in-display scanner, as having it on side can be snappy. The device also gets zen touch which enables you to scroll from the sensor, gimickyā€¦
The battery capacity on the device is 4,300mAh and it’s a dual cell so fast chargingā€¦ I’ll let you guess the charging speedā€¦ in the comment sectionā€¦
And not the least it is IP68 rated so great fun and the fun gets more with the accesories you get with the Zenfone 9. (pictures included) Overall I feel the device to be a complete package for a user who is looking for a compact yet powerful deviceā€¦ The device is expected in upcoming weeks so stay tuned for the pricesā€¦