AutoGPT, BabyAGI and Jarvis: Are autonomous agents the next big leap in AI?

Artificial intelligence is very weak in its capabilities. Research and development of artificial intelligence technologies is happening at a pace that the tech world has never seen before. After ChatGPT showed the world what intelligent chatbots can do with complete understanding, the world moved on to AutoGPT and BabyAGI. Both AutoGPT and BabyAGI are autonomous AI-based agents.

These programs can create and run tasks, create new tasks, and prioritize task lists. Self-employed agents can be programmed to do almost anything, such as investing in markets, generating book ideas, or managing social media accounts.

This all sounds like something straight out of a futuristic sci-fi thriller, but here’s what’s happening in the world of AI right now. Experiments and research on autonomous agents are growing. What follows is an exploration of this concept that could have significant implications for all industries in the future.