Galaxy S22 series has become quite popular since its launch, it has already broke the previous sales record of Samsung. Which is resulting delay in some countries where it is not available yet…

Customers who pre-order a product place an incredible amount of trust in the company they’re buying from. They’re often paying full price for the product without seeing it in person. They trust what the company has made and its ability to timely deliver their purchase.

This is a common practice in the smartphone industry. A company launches new phones, makes them available for pre-order, and many customers pre-order one right away without even seeing the device in the flesh. Samsung has done that very well throughout the years but the entire pre-order experience for the new Galaxy S22 series leaves a lot to be desired.

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In most major markets, pre-orders for the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 Ultra went live soon after the devices were unveiled. They were supposed to arrive by February 25 which is also the retail launch date for the new series.

Many customers who paid top dollar to pre-order Samsung’s latest smartphones just so they could be the first ones to get them are now watching hopelessly as their expected delivery times have been delayed considerably.

Some customers won’t receive their pre-ordered units before March. In some markets, the expected delivery dates have entered the month of April. Those who pre-ordered from major carriers in the US are being told they won’t get their units until May.

New pre-orders suffer the same fate. Today is the last day to take advantage of Samsung’s very generous pre-order offers. However, you won’t get the units until April in markets like the United States and across Europe and South Asia.

Pre-order offers are one of the main reasons why people rush to put money down for a new device. It provides them with the best value for money. What good is it, though, when the devices are delayed?

Samsung has been saying that demand is high for its new devices. That may be true but it’s not a good excuse. A company that has consistently launched high-end phones that have seen incredible demand is more than capable of not botching another flagship launch.

The situation wasn’t as bad even when COVID19 was at its peak across the globe. Samsung launched the Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy S21, and new Galaxy Z foldable phones over the past couple of years during the height of the global chip shortage.

Does it have something to do with the horrible yield rates for the processors used inside the Galaxy S22 series that are also being made by Samsung? That might be the case but it won’t matter to customers who have trusted Samsung yet again to pre-order one of its expensive flagships.

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