Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 Big and Small Improvements

Samsung will soon announce the next generation of the Z fold and Z flip with some improvements over the current-gen devices…

Big improvements:

  • Better UTG
  • Thinner & lighter
  • New hinge
  • Processor & cooling
  • Cameras
  • Durability

Big improvements include a better UTG which means much thinner glass which improves the overall experience. Which also might solve the crease problem. Samsung will go for a thinner design which means that the S-Pen slot might be removed from the Z Fold, but the device will get the support so you need to spend some extra bucks for the S-Pen.

A new hinge design will be introduced which we already discussed, which will again solve the crease problem, might implement a design similar to Oppo…

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The processor will be the latest 8 Gen 1 with a better cooling system which will boost the performance, along with this battery life will also be improved, but don’t expect much.

The camera will be used similar to the S22 series smartphone which is pretty good…

 Z fold 4

Small improvements:

  • Battery life
  • Display aspect ratio
  • Design
  • Spen (Z Fold 4)

The official launch dates aren’t yet out, but we can expect the devices somewhere near August 2022 , till then stay tuned…

3 thoughts on “Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 Big and Small Improvements

  1. What do you mean the new fold will drop an “S Pen slot”? The fold 3 doesn’t have an “S Pen slot”.

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