Galaxy Z Fold 5 same 6.2″ cover display & 50MP main camera

According to Ice Universe, Samsung is still sticking with a 6.2-inch cover display on the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5, the same size as the one on the Z Fold 4. The main camera will also have the same sensor as the Z Fold 4.

Few weeks back when Oppo launched its fold lineup, with much bigger cover display, there were rumors that Samsung might also come up with bigger cover display but according to Samsung tipster Ice Universe that’s not going to happen, instead Samsung is going to stick with the same size cover display as on the current gen Fold 5.

As of there are no official leaks or reports on this rumors, but considering the track record of the tipster, this might turn out to be true. Still this rumors are bound to Fold not flip, next Galaxy flip might get a bigger cover display as we have already post about it you can read it by clicking the link below.

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What do you guys think about this?