Honor will be launching a new folding phone this month

  • November 14, 2022

Samsung might have another competitor to look out for in the foldable phone market. ⁠

Chinese phone maker Honor plans to unveil the Magic Vs, a follow-up to their inaugural Magic V foldable phone, on Nov. 24 in mainland China… ⁠

The upcoming foldable marks a departure from the design of its predecessor, which featured dual screens in a design that is similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 4 phone, with a single screen. With a single-screen design, foldable phones would presumably become slimmer and easier to carry around, a feature that could help nudge them toward the mainstream.⁠

The Honor Fold V will be featuring Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 according to the resources, so it’ll be same on the performance as Samsung’s Fold 4, and the camera setup will be identical to other Honor flagship smartphones…

Stay tuned for November 24 for the exact specs…