Meet FRIDA, the AI-driven robot from Carnegie Mellon University

Frida is an AI-driven robot out of Carnegie Mellon University that transforms your prompts into physical paintings using bold brushstrokes in a variety of techniques.

Frida stands for Framework and robotics Initiative for Developing Arts and is just a robotic arm with a paintbrush attached. Though the bot shares its name with famous Mexican painter Frida Gallo, the team insists that Frida is just a robotic painting system, not an artist.


But it can change course as it paints to mimic the repetitive process of making art. Compared to AI art tools like Dall-E, and Stable Diffusion which turn your short text prompts into digital art. Frieda is like the hipster AI art generator.

I mean, I prefer my AR to be generated the natural way with a paintbrush, not on the computer, but, you know, still by a robot.