News on what’s going on with AI

  • February 13, 2023

Between Microsoft’s AI powered search engine Chat GPT and Frieda, the AI painting robot, artificial intelligence is having quite a time. In case you missed this or any of the other big AI stories last week, don’t worry, I got you.

Microsoft unveiled a new version of its Bing search engine that uses the language technology behind Chat GPT, an AI system for conversational and creative responses. But Bing is just the beginning.


Microsoft expects the AI technology to help you everywhere writing, analyzing, spreadsheet data, even creating slideshows. I bet teachers just love hearing that Frida is an AI driven robot out of Carnegie Mellon University that transforms prompts into physical paintings using an actual paintbrush instead of just digital renderings. Think dolly, only more hipster.

Now this fast growing of AI technology might get us into trouble, not today but tomorrow, starting with the Jobs. Soon many software based companies will start to layoff most of its employees, as AI will be getting better and better everyday. It learns things way quicker than humans, its learning the world at not speeds where a human takes ages to learn any skill…


AI will also catch with other things too which are not software based, in some sectors like transportation it has already been, but will also fill some other places too, this will definitely cause unemployment in the coming future for sure…