NFT worth 0$ few days ago now valued at $37M

NFTs are getting quite popular these days, with people investing like hell in them, I mean too much money has been spent on tokens which are in the form of funky art…

What is Goblintown?

In short, it’s a collection of NFTs that were given away for free 12 days ago, but it’s now valued at a grand $37 million.⁠

After a long month of steady losses for NFT collections, nearly the entirety of NFT Twitter found itself huddled around a Twitter Space on May 26, with a group of about a dozen grown men making barely comprehensible goblin noises…. for three hours. ⁠

The hosts were the anonymous creators of Goblintown.wtf, a collection of 10,000 NFTs that has become an unprecedented success since launching on May 19. Each NFT features a grotesque goblin, to be used as a profile picture on Twitter, Discord, or Instagram — each with different attributes and accessories.⁠

In the 12 days since the launch, Goblintown’s entry price on the NFT marketplace OpenSea has gone from $0 to $11,500. Rare ones go for as much as triple that amount. ⁠

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