Nothing Phone 2 to launch with Snapdragon 8+ Gen1

Nothing Phone 2 was confirmed during an event in which it was also confirmed to feature a Snapdragon 8Gen series, now its confirmed to launch with 8+ Gen1

Nothing Phone 2

Nothing Phone 2 was confirmed to feature a flagship Snapdragon Processor, but which?

There were rumors that Nothing Phone 2 would feature the Snapdragon 8Gen 1 processor to keep the costs low, yeah 8Gen 1 is not the latest processor, but it’s not that old, it was revealed a few months back, yeah it has some throttling problems, but it is a capable processor and pretty good now, But now that the rumors turned out to be 8+ Gen1 which is even better, this might toss up the pricing by slight margin…

What I like about Nothing is that they didn’t opt for Mediatek’s processor to keep the costs low, then all that fun would have gone. They could have gone for the 8Gen 2 but it might not be sold well in most of the markets where the pricing would be too much and it would go against the major flagships where it would have failed for the first attempt…

We have seen Nothing founder Carl Pei reviewing other brands, where he constantly mentions how the third camera is useless as a macro, I can get a hint that Nothing Phone 2 might feature a third Telephoto lens.

Coming to the design, yes it will be similar-looking design to the Nothing Phone 1, and I personally like it, it looks differentiating, and it looks bold.

Nothing Phone 1 had nearly everything from a decent camera setup to wireless charging, but the processor wasn’t powerful enough, but now Nothing Phone 2 will be the perfect flagship killer, the way it was back when Oneplus was dominating the genre, Nothing Phone will also rock the segment I think…