Now charge your iPhone faster with the MagSafe battery pack

A new firmware update for the MagSafe enables 7.5W of charging speed from the usual 5W charging speed…

If you rely on a MagSafe Battery Pack to help power your iPhone through the day, it’s now capable of recharging the battery faster “on the go.”

As 9To5Mac reports, Apple just released firmware version 2.7 for its battery pack, and with it increased the charging rate from 5W up to 7.5W when not connected to a power source. It means both iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 batteries should recharge faster using the battery pack once the firmware update is installed.

The $99 MagSafe Battery Pack actually has two charging rates available. If it’s plugged into a 20W or higher power source, it can recharge an iPhone at a rate of 15W. It’s only when you want to recharge purely from the energy contained in the pack that the charging rate is reduced to 7.5W.

There are two ways to update your battery pack to firmware version 2.7. The first occurs automatically when you attach the pack to your iPhone, but this can take up to a week to complete. The second method is much faster and requires plugging your battery pack into a Mac or iPad using a Lightning cable. Once connected and detected, the firmware update will take around five minutes to complete.

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