Quick review on Oppo Find N2 Flip

  • February 21, 2023

Oppo has recently launched the Find N2 Flip and Find N2 Fold both devices are here to compete with Samsung’s pair of foldable.

The new oppo N2 flip is priced at around £849 which is similar to the Z flip 4, which is kinda good. Well enough of the baffle and let’s head on the specs…

We have a massive 3.26″ cover screen as compared to the Z flip, which is great for using the camera and more practical. We also have this no-gap design using their flexion hinge, although, more importantly, they have decreased it compared to other Flip phones on the market. The crease here is almost invisible and you can barely feel it when you swipe your finger off, which is a big design upgrade. And of course, being a Flip phone, there are a ton of creative ways you can use it, particularly with the camera.

Oppo Find N2 Flip

The main-inside screen is a 6.8″ 120Hz flexible OLED panel, which is good. The device is powered by Dimensity 9000+ which is powerful but not as reliable as Snapdragon still, that is my opinion considering past Mediatek-powered devices. The N2 Flip has the biggest battery on any Flip phone. 4300mAh, and the fastest 44-watt charging.

  • 3.26” Vertical Cover Screen
  • 6.8” 21:9 120Hz Flip Screen
  • New Flexion Hinge
  • ‘De-creased’ Crease (you can barely feel it)
  • Biggest Battery on a Flip (4300mAh)
  • Fastest Charging on a Flip (44w)
  • Dimensity 9000+ | 8GB | 256GB
  • Dual 5G SIM
  • £849

What do you think of the Oppo Find N2 Flip? let me know in the comments…

I haven’t wrote about Cameras because I’ll be posting a detailed post on that so stay tuned…