Samsung Galaxy Z flip 5 to feature a bigger cover display

The Galaxy Z Flip 5’s 720p cover display is set to bring new widgets and features, while Samsung’s next-generation foldable device is set to bring much-needed improvements…as previously reported.

Z Flip 4 side by side Z flip 5

As mentioned, Samsung plans to use a 3.4-inch display on the outside of the Galaxy Z Flip 5. Ice Universe now adds that the display will have a valid 720p resolution (720×748). On a screen this small, it’s certainly pretty sharp, but it’s way behind Motorola’s upcoming Razr, which was announced this week. It might be more interesting to see what Samsung plans to do with the extra screen real estate, regardless of resolution.

According to Max Jambor, Samsung is bringing “many” new features to the cover display, including a significant expansion of supported widgets.

On the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Flip 4, Samsung offered very limited features for the outer displays. This included a small amount of widgets for stock apps, music controls, etc. Jambor hasn’t hinted at exactly what will happen, but the concept in Ice’s tweet suggests it’s possible.

As mentioned above, the concept is just a concept and not something Samsung is actually shipping.

Samsung is all set to launch the Galaxy Z flip 5 along with several other devices including the Z Fold 5 so stay tuned in for that…