Samsung might launch six new foldable smartphones next year

Samsung is supposedly planning to restructure its smartphone lineup next year and expand its foldable phone portfolio to six yearly releases, claims a wild rumor. Furthermore, the company might also remove the Plus model from the flagship S series in 2024 and introduce a new mid-range lineup.

Take this information with a pinch of salt. This rumor sounds a bit too ambitious and seems to go into a lot of speculations regarding the future of Samsung Electronics‘ plans for the mobile business. But for what it’s worth, the source (via Twitter) claims that Samsung is planning to release four additional high-end foldable devices next year, including the Galaxy Z Flip Ultra, the Galaxy Z Fold Ultra, the Galaxy Z Flex (a tri-fold device), and the Galaxy Z Tab (a foldable tablet). Counting the regular Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6, Samsung would supposedly release six foldable models next year.

Z Fold Ultra will have a 4K display supplied by Samsung Display, whereas the regular Z Fold will feature a QHD panel from BOE. Similarly, the Galaxy Z Flip Ultra will supposedly be equipped with a 2K Samsung display, while BOE will supply FHD panels for the regular Z Flip model.


New mid-range smartphone series and a restructured S line?

In addition to these wild claims about the future of Samsung’s foldable device lineup, the source also brings back a couple of even more ambitious rumors concerning the S line and Samsung’s mid-range portfolio.

Specifically, Samsung is supposedly planning to reduce the number of Galaxy A devices while introducing a new “Galaxy K” mid-range series. It is worth noting that K-based model numbers were spotted at Bluetooth SIG earlier this year. And they were possibly Galaxy S23 models in disguise rather than new mid-range phones.

Lastly, Samsung will remove the Plus model from the Galaxy S series next year and introduce a new premium S device in its place. We already explained how the original rumors about the Galaxy S24+ getting axed were greatly exaggerated, so again, it’s probably better to take all of these ambitious predictions about Samsung’s foldable, the alleged K series, and the Galaxy S lineup with a pinch of salt.