Set of images give complete unboxing idea of the Pixel Watch

There’s a lot going on related to the Pixel Watch, ahead of its launch the official commercial was leaked and then this set of images which literally feels like an exclusive unboxing experience…

The images are shared on reddit, we see that the box is thicker than we initially believed. (It’s basically a smaller Stadia Controller box.) The Active band is already attached to the Pixel Watch and the entire thing is wrapped around an elongated piece of cardboard that’s pill-shaped when viewed from the side. This presentation, which immediately shows off the object, is something traditionally done by mechanical watch makers with a tiny fabric pillow.

The whole set of images are below-

The OS version is listed as Wear OS 3.5 with both “Wear OS by Google” and “Hey Google” on one side of the box. The Pixel Watch is manufactured in Vietnam.

In another shot shared with this unboxing, we get a look at the notorious Pixel Watch bezel. The screen/device is turned off, but the side view is pretty revealing.

Google will soon reveal the device on 6th October so stay tuned in for detailed review on that…