Tech News this week #2

  • February 19, 2023

Don’t miss out on this week’s tech news, from internet explorer 11 being dead to Tesla recalling their cars, here are the top 3 tech news…

Internet Explorer 11 once controlled 95% of the browser market. Now it’s dead. Microsoft killed the iconic browser this weekend on valentine’s Day, no less. If you missed this or any of the other big tech stories this week, don’t worry, we got you.

Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft permanently disabled Internet Explorer Elevento to improve user experience and focus on its new Edge browser. The company also hopes to integrate the AI-boosted bing search engine into Edge. That’s a very scary thought.

Oppo Find N2

The oppo Find N2 flip is here. The clamshell-style Flip phone seems inspired by the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip four-square design. The Find n Two Flip has the largest vertical cover screen on any Flip phone on the market. Go big or go home, right? oppo isn’t currently planning an Us. Release, but you can preorder the phone now. In the UK.


Tesla recalled over 362,000 vehicles because of issues with the full self-driving software. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said the Beta software may cause vehicles to act unsafe around intersections, including not coming to a full stop at stop signs or driving into an intersection during a steady yellow traffic signal without warning. Not great.