The end of the great chip shortage

  • February 24, 2022

The Global shortage might come to an end in the mid-2022 and oversupply in the year 2023 according to IDC

“The industry will see normalization and balance by the middle of 2022, with a potential for overcapacity in 2023 as larger-scale capacity expansions begin to come online towards the end of 2022″, as stated by the experts at IDC.

Now, this is great news for everyone from vehicle manufacturing to smartphone manufacturing. And might lower the expenses in the manufacturing which will reduce the price of the products by some margin. This also means more production so less waiting time…

Major chip manufacturers like Samsung and TSMC have already invested much to increase chipset production. At the same time, the US government wants to spur more domestic chip manufacturing with billions in potential funding.

so what you think of the semiconductor shortage, let me know in the comments…