The iPhone 14 Plus is not selling well

The iPhone 14 Plus is not selling well, yet, Apple is reportedly still moving forward with plans to release an iPhone 15 Plus…

According to reports Apple sold 78million units of 14 series up untill Dec22 which compared to iPhone 13 series sales 61million units is more, and that’s mainly due to change in the notch design, people love new design which makes it distinguishing, And I kid you not iPhone 14 Pro Max is the most selling device out of the whole 14 series in USA covering up 28% of the whole sales, you can see the image below for the numbers compared to other devices.

iPhone 14 Plus

In the second position with 23% is the iPhone 14 which is the device you’d expect to be taking the top spot but due to not so major updates to the design and hardware the Pro Max does make a huge impact, but guess what in this scenario Apple is making more revenue.

But this can’t be said to the new device in the lineup which is the 14 Plus which covers 11% of the total sales it is actually less than the previous year’s iPhone 13 which makes up 15% sales amongst.

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This is not the worst part of the iPhone 14 Plus, when the device was announced for the pre-order, it actually got less pre-orders than the iPhone SE 3 which is quite worrying for Apple. Apple thought that iPhone 14 Plus would be quite popular amongst the series and would surpass the iPhone 14 Sales, but that’s not the case, still it’s better than the iPhone Mini sales.

Yet, Apple is considering the iPhone 15 Plus and another new device in the lineup, more powerful than the Pro Max, still thinking what it would be called “Ultra Pro Max” this is what I think, let me what you think in the comments section. And stay tuned in for more Apple related news…