Three unreleased Mac models appear in Apple’s Find My configuration file.

Recently discovered by Nicolas Alvarez (via @aaronp613), three new Mac model IDs have been added to the Find My configuration files of Apple servers. The new IDs are Mac14.8, Mac14.13 and Mac14.14, listed next to the latest M2 and ‌M2‌ Mac mini model IDs: Mac14.3 and Mac14.12. A listing in Apple’s configuration file means to override “partition monitoring”. This could be a desktop Mac model that doesn’t need to be actively monitored by Find Me to isolate it from the user, such as a portable Mac.

It’s not clear exactly what these new Mac models will be, as Apple recently switched from using more specific model IDs like “MacBookAir10.1” to generic “Mac” models that apply to all family members . The closest desktop Mac update we can hope for is the Mac Pro, but Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman doesn’t think it’s ready to launch at WWDC in June.

Gurman also believes we won’t see an update to Mac Studio until the top of the line M3 chipset is ready, which likely won’t be until early 2024. The only option for upgrading a desktop Mac is the iMac, and while the ‌Mac mini‌ was updated in January, we don’t expect it to be updated until the ‌M3‌ chip is released later this year. . It’s also unclear how many product lines these three new model IDs represent.

As seen on the ‌Mac mini‌ and other newer Macs, models with multiple chip options may have different IDs, so these new IDs could represent three versions of the same product or two versions of the same product and a version of the same product. . the second product. We’ll hear more about potential Mac upgrades closer to WWDC, but so far the expected Mac launch at the event appears to be a new 15-inch MacBook Air rather than a desktop Mac.