Twitter launches Tor service allowing users in Russia to bypass internet blocks

Twitter has become the latest tech giant to launch a dedicated Tor service just days after it was blocked in Russia following the invasion of Ukraine. The launch will allow Russian users to bypass government internet blocks that prevent the flow of information across the country.

Alec Muffet, a cybersecurity researcher with a long history of working with the Tor network, is behind the project, which was announced to be launched on Tuesday. Twitter’s new Tor service is based on the Enterprise Onion Toolkit (EOTK). EOTK is a Muffett tool designed to allow website owners to add .onion URLs to their site’s domain in minutes, modified to meet Twitter’s “specific production requirements”.

“This is probably the most important and anticipated tweet I’ve ever written,” Muffett tweeted. “We’re excited to announce the new Tor Project Onion service on behalf of Twitter.”