WHY ! right now is the worst time to buy an iPhone

September is right around the corner, which likely means so is Apple’s rumored iPhone 14 line. Even if you don’t care about having the newest iPhone, there are good reasons to be patient before splurging on an iPhone 13 or 13 Pro.⁠

Apple usually reduces the prices of previous iPhone models when introducing new models, just like it did with the iPhone 12 last year. The 64GB iPhone 12, for example, got a price cut to $700 from $800 after the iPhone 13 was announced. The iPhone 11, meanwhile, dropped to $500 in 2021.⁠

We understand that not everyone is in a position to wait. If you really need a new iPhone right now and want to save a few bucks, consider buying a refurbished iPhone. Apple offers refurbished models on its website that come with a one-year warranty and the option to extend customer service with an AppleCare plan.⁠