YouTube Shorts has crossed 50 billion daily views

All social media companies are in a race to win the short video war and Google is showing some progress against TikTok and Instagram. The search giant said during its latest earnings call that YouTube Shorts has crossed 50 billion daily views. The company previously reported 30 billion daily views as part of its Q1 2022 earnings.

While the growth performance is impressive, the number of views on Shorts lags on Instagram and Facebook. Last October, Meta said that Reels garnered 140 billion daily views across both social networks.

Just like other platforms, YouTube has been pushing users to view Shorts. In November, the company rolled out Shorts on TV. TikTok had made a similar attempt to make its app available for multiple big-screened platforms including Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and select LG and Samsung smart TVs in 2021.

People are loving these short contents, its more engaging than the long videos and the posts, and the way this short videos lineup with your feed makes it more accessible which is why its gathering more and more attention. There’s always a downside too, as these shorts or reels are getting more and more popular, its actually becoming the next TikTok, which is banned in most countries, so can’t much about the milestones these giants are achieving, and after-all everyone’s here’s to make money and these giants are just here to gather more and more user data do take that in mind!

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Some of my friends have actually started to get away from this social media life, starting with deleting their Insta accounts, and the reason was that its more time consuming, so I’m not saying to delete or something, just limit the use by some margin…

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